Signature Body Treatments

Marine Lasting Softness  € 30.00     
A delectable body exfoliation ritual followed with an application of a fine layer of moisturiser, providing the skin, softness beyond compare.

JetLag Recovery                  € 35.00     
Through a combination of a scrub, a draining massage and a gel-mask that boosts micro-circulation, this treatment combats heavy legs, decongesting and providing instant relief. Legs recover their shape, lightweight feel and vitality, immersed in a feeling of long-lasting freshness.

Exotic Body Exfoliation    € 35.00
For those who wish to smoothen and nourish their skin effectively, using a delicious body scrub with an unforgettable exotic scent!

Back Relaxation                 € 40.00         
Following a purifying scrub, the marine mud releases its benefits and its soothing heat. The final massage, with its slow and deep manipulations, bit by bit relieves tension in the neck and back. A delightful moment of relaxation!

Tailor Made Body Wrap    € 45.00     
The very best way to detox, tone and hydrate your body! You start off your treatment with a consultation with our skilled duty therapist who will specifically develop the ideal body wrap, for your skin type. This is all aimed at giving a well-deserved boost for a healthier and enhanced appearance!

Detox Body Ritual              € 60.00     
After an invigorating scrub, a concentrate of marine ingredients is rubbed with detox specific gestures. A phase of deep detoxification follows, to stimulate elimination functions and drain the body. The ritual includes a reviving foot pressure point massage to seal this unique experience.

Anti-Ageing Odyssey         € 60.00
Exclusive treatment that combines innovative techniques and divine textures of anti-ageing Sea Elixir and Signature Rejuvenating Serum for a wellness and incomparable firmness result.
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