Germaine De Cappucini Facials

Classical Express Facial   €25.00
A classical facial tailored to treat the individual concerns such as lack of radiance, congestion and sensitivity.  Products are used according to your skin type.

Dermal cleansing Facial   €33.00    
Deep cleansing facial recommended to those prone for oily skin or those with an uneven complexion.  This facial mainly aims to remove the excess oiliness from the skin to restore its normal balance. Your skin is left clean and radiant.

Moisturizing Fusion Facial   €33.00
Deeply moisturizing treatment using only the finest ingredients of Royal Jelly, a nutritional aid to normal or dry skin.  Treatment also aids against surface scaars, ageing wrinkles and spots, environmental pollution and sun damage.  It will keep skin moist, healthy and smooth.

Firming and Lifting Comfort Facial   €33.00

A deeply hydrating and lifting treatment that helps to tone and firm skin while reducing the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines for a younger complexion.  Instant results are achieved by the facial’s lifting features allowing for better defined contours.

Homme Purifying Facial   €43.00

Restores lost energy and vitality for men’s skin, eliminates accumulated toxins and strengthens its defences against pollution, stress and free radicals. Skin is left luminous and hydrated. Includes facial massage.

Pearl Age Delay Facial Treat   €43.00
Even your skin deserves pampering!  Pearl Powder is renown throughout Asia and in traditional Chinese medicine for its age reversing properties and for making the skin softer and more elastic.   This treatment includes a normal facial procedure followed by a facial scrub and a precious mother of pearl mask, leading to an overwhelming enhanced skin structure.

Vitamin C Boost Facial   €43.00

The ideal boost for any skin type….even those with the first signs of ageing.  Instantly corrects signs of dullness and fatigue while hydrating and oxygenating the skin.  Restores skin’s radiance, firmness and vitality and enhances cellular metabolism. Treatment also includes eyebrow shaping and facial massage.

So Delicate Facial   €45.00

An ideal treatment to sooth and strengthen sensitive skin with a tendency to react.  It hydrates, nourishes and reinforces the protective barrier while offering antioxidant and restructuring action.  Includes facial lymphatic massage, 2 masks and eyebrow shaping. Instant results are achieved.

Wrinkle Recovery Facial   €58.00

A deeply hydrating and lifting treatment which helps to boost the facial contours. This treatment is ideal for skin which has lack of elasticity and tonality.  Instant results are achieved with the help of collagen and active vitamins.  The treatment also includes a lifting facial massage, eye brow shaping and anti-ageing eye treatment.

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