Facials by Thalion

Eye Lift Expert                              € 25.00
This dedicated treatment instantly plumps the eye contour and protects from premature ageing. Real cell booster that activates micro-circulation to have an immediate decongestion. The specific manipulations, lift the features and restore firmness to the eyelids.

Classical Express Facial             € 30.00
A classical facial tailored to treat the individual concerns such as lack of radiance, congestion and sensitivity. Products are used according to your skin type.

Absolute Hydration                    € 40.00
A super hydrating treatment that saturates your skin with moisture, to help diminish fine lines, leaving you with a plump, dewy complexion. Results are immediate, leaving your skin feeling new and revived for weeks.

Extreme Purity                            € 45.00
A purifying treatment aimed against imperfections, that cleans, cleanses and regulates oily and combination skin. This treatment leaves your skin visibly purer, with a complexion that recovered its freshness.

Infinite Gentleness                    € 48.00
A delicate skin soothing facial, specifically formulated for the most delicate and sensitive skin type. The skin will be cleansed and exfoliated with the most gentle products, designed to calm, soothe and bring harmony back to the complexion.

Oxygen & Radiance                    € 55.00
This treatment infuses your skin with highly concentrated oxygen, enriching vitamins and minerals. Its ultimate goal, in fact, is to boost stressed and suffocated skin, leaving your face looking fresh, smooth and completely rejuvenated.

Absolute Lift                                € 58.00
An all-new and intensive anti-ageing solution to combat wrinkles and sagging skin. Its filling and smoothing action visibly reduces the signs of ageing. Using customized restructuring massage, the features are given a relaxed look, the wrinkles are plumped. Result: the face recovers its original youth!

Ocean Secrets                              € 65.00
To reveal each woman’s beauty, Thalion’s laboratories have designed Ocean Secrets, an extraordinary anti-ageing facial. More than just a treatment, it focuses the quintessence of Thalion’s technological know-how on achieving immediate results and a unique sensory experience. This unique facial is based on an innovative massage that sculpts the contours of the face, tightening the skin. This true manual lift combines deep relaxing massages with technical movements to remodel the skin’s natural architecture.
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