Facials by Germaine De Capuccini

So Delicate Quick Fix Facial € 35.00
An ideal treatment to sooth and strengthen sensitive skin. The skin is left relaxed and radiant, recovering its original beauty.

Royal Jelly Perfection Facial € 50.00
This Royal Jelly treatment helps restore ‘skin resilience’, favouring epidermal cohesion for skin that is nourished, silky, with more density and consistency. Most recommended for dull, fatigued skin, exposed to extreme external stress.

Beauty Infusion                        € 55.00
An “infusion of beauty” tailor-made to pleasure all ages and needs. Our skin is not the same at 30, as it is at 40 or 50 and its needs are not the same either. Each face needs unique and specific solutions!

Homme Purifying Facial        € 55.00
Restores lost energy and vitality for men’s skin through the elimination of accumulated toxins, strengthening its defences against pollution, stress and free radicals. Skin is left luminous and hydrated.
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