Body, Mind & Soul

Back & Neck Massage                  € 28.00
Indian Head Massage                   € 28.00
Reviving Foot & Leg Massage     € 30.00
Back & Leg Energizer                    € 40.00

Traditional Full Body Massage
30 mins                                             € 30.00
45 mins                                             € 45.00
60 mins                                             € 50.00

Aromatherapy Massage              € 47.00
A customized full body massage with an emphasis on individually blended oils to suit your personal requirements.

Warm Candle Oil Massage          € 49.00
A truly aromatic, relaxing candle oil massage that will take your mind and body to a world of bliss and relaxation.

La Stone Massage
Back – 30 mins                                € 35.00
Full Body – 60 mins                        € 65.00
Smooth, flat, heated basalt stones, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat, are used to create a unique form of a relievingand soothing massage, helping you relax, easing tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

Sea Shells Massage
Back – 30 mins                                € 35.00
Full Body – 60 mins                        € 65.00
A sensational and pleasant massage, where natural sea conches are glided over the body with a relaxing and de-stressing rhythm,offering absolute tranquillity. The most absolute luxury!

Ritual Stick Massage
Back – 30 mins                                € 35.00
Full Body – 60 mins                        € 65.00
Following ancient therapies, this full body treatment using a natural massage stick, helps promote pressure, while massaging.The combination of massage techniques and ritual stick pressure lead to a deep state of relaxation and well-being. An exquisite ritualthat offers a sublime and unforgettable spa experience!

Signature Coconut Massage       € 65.00
Drift off under the spell of this decadent, complete well-being treatment! This treatment unites the antioxidant powers andnutritional benefits of coconut pulp, aimed at helping to hydrate and deeply relax your entire body.

Head To Toe Massage For Two   € 110.00
Enjoy a side by side massage with your favourite companion! A traditional full body massage that includes both head and foot,for an excellent feeling of an ultimate relaxation getaway.
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