• Q. What is the currency in Malta?
    A.  As of January 2008, the currency in Malta is the Euro (€).
  • Q. What supplementary services do you offer?
    A.  Please take a look at the list of services in our Supplementary services section or contact our Reservation Staff on [email protected] for more information.
  • Q. Can you organise an airport transfer?
    A.  Airport transfers can be organised at an additional fee. Kindly contact Reservations on [email protected] and they will be only too happy to sort this out for you.
  • Q. Why should I stay in Mellieha?
    A.  Mellieha is situated on the northernmost tip of Malta. It has just 5,000 inhabitants during the winter months, but that amount triples during the summer when tourists and locals flock here to enjoy the beaches, atmosphere and scenery. Mellieha is by far the most picturesque village in Malta and is thus ideal for walking and exploring. Moreover, it is rich in history and interesting sites.
    Malta’s best known beaches, L-Ghadira and Golden Bay, are within easy reach. Other places of interest include the Red Tower, the Parish Church, the Sanctuary, Our Lady of the Grotto, Selmun Palace, Selmun Beach, Paradise Bay, the Bird Sanctuary, Popeye Village and the tiny rural village of Manikata.
  • Q. Is Malta too hot for us? Is it too cold?
    A.  Malta enjoys a mild winter and fierce summer! While July and August are the most popular months for a visit to the islands, they are also the hottest, with temperatures soaring through the 30s and into 40 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, winter is mild; temperatures never dip below 0 degrees Celsius and it never snows. Malta is not particularly wet, with an average of 500mm rainfall per year! This makes Malta the ideal winter haven, as well as a great spot of sun worshippers.
  • Q. Do you offer car hire services?
    A. Car hire services are available from the lobby area at the hotel. Check prices and availability here.
  • Q. How do I get to the Pergola Hotel & Spa from the airport?
    For detailed information on how to find the Pergola Hotel & Spa please click here
  • Q. What is your cancellation policy?
    A. From our website we sell rooms with two different cancellation policies. The cheapest option is the non-refundable but there is also a refundable option which comes slightly more expensive. For more information and details please refer tot he terms and conditions page within the booking site.
  • Q. When is my balance due?
    A.  In case of a non-refundable booking, payment is due at booking stage whilst for a refundable booking, payment is due on arrival at the Hotel. In the case of the latter, the Hotel reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card provided by blocking an unspecified amount. This amount is returned automatically by your bank a few days after the booking has been affected.
  • Q. How do we book a room at the Pergola Hotel & Spa?
    A. For an online booking, please feel free to use the booking page in this website and submit all information. If you do not wish to use our online booking system you may email us on [email protected]
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