Welcome Packs, Cold Platters and Cakes for every occasion

€ 17.50
A standard food pack can be pre-ordered and placed in your apartment. The pack contains 2 large bottles of still water, 1 litre of fresh milk, 500g of cereal, a loaf of sliced bread, butter, 150g ham, sliced cheese, sugar, coffee sachets, tea bags, two packets of the popular savoury snack Twistees, 1 packet of biscuits and 6 portions of jam.

Are you arriving too late or too early to find a restaurant open? The solution is to book one of our cold patters varying from Meat Platter, Cheese Platter, Vegetarian Platter and Fruit Platter.

Going to be celebrating a birthday or special occasion ? We’d be happy to provide the cake! Just let us know what sort you would like and we’ll deliver it to your room!

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